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Quality for the future workshop concludes: 100% organic in 2050 is possible

Quality for the future workshop concludes: 
100% organic in 2050 is possible 

Organic food is a fast-growing market in the EU because of trust of consumers in high quality products that are good for environment, biodiversity, climate, health, transparency and fairness. During a workshop on the Sana exhibition in Bologna Italy, specialists, like professor Hamm form the Kassel University, expressed that 100% organic in 2050 is possible if the organic sector maintains its integrity and will not be forced by supermarkets to diminish in quality because of price competition. ‘The concept of “Bio-plus”, added value organic, is rising in several countries and is a good concept to meet the wish of consumers. But supermarkets get more and more influence on the organic market with the risk that competition focuses on price only. That can harm the development of organic,’ said professor Hamm during the conference.

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