Organic Processing and Trade Association


Stefan Hipp
President of OPTA and CEO of HiPP Group

As studied agronomist, Stefan Hipp is also an organic farmer and owns an organic retail company. The HiPP Group has production sites in five European countries and sells its organic products all across the European Union. In order to strengthen organic trading and processing companies in the EU, Stefan Hipp serves as President of the Organic Processing and Trade Association (OPTA EU) since 2020.

Manuel Hutten
Member of OPTA and QA Manager at Eosta B.V. Nature and More

A qualified food technologist specialized in primary organic fruits and vegetables since 2009. Eosta is an international distributor of fresh organic and fair fruits and vegetables, with a focus on overseas fruit and greenhouse crops. We want to contribute to healthy food, a sustainable environment and social responsibility.

Janis Garancs
Member of OPTA and Managing Director at Aloja

As food chemist, Janis Garancs is experienced organic foodstuff development and processing expert in very wide range of different food industries. Aloja Starkelsen focus on development of brand new technical organic food processing solutions based on the European Union origin crops and is market leader in several areas. Aloja Starkelsen led by Janis Garancs was one of founders of the Organic Processing and Trade Association (OPTA EU) and stands for strong development of organic trading and processing sector in the EU.

Karst Kooistra
Member of OPTA and Sourcing director at Tradin Organic Agriculture

Karst Kooistra is a distinguished international expert on organic agriculture, carrying an MSc Organic Agriculture from Wageningen University, and using over 15 years of practical experience throughout the organic sector. Within Tradin Organic, he is responsible for the development of new organic sources, the technical support program, strategic alliances & sustainability.

Katia Ziegler 
Member of OPTA and member of Board.