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OPTA welcomes European Commission’s Farm to Fork strategy


The EU Commission published today, 20 May 2020, a very ambitious Farm to Fork Strategy as part of the overall European Green Deal. One of the key targets in the Farm to Fork strategy to transform EU agriculture, is the goal to promote organic food and farming to 25%  in 2030. This ambition is highly welcomed by the European Organic Processing and Trade Association OPTA. OPTA members source, process, and trade organic raw materials all over the EU. Therefore, OPTA also supports that the European Commission really wants to push back the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture and enlarge the surface of protected nature from 20 to 30% of the total EU surface.

OPTA’s President Stefan Hipp welcomes the launched Farm to Fork strategy. ‘We all know that we have to enhance our relationship with nature to fight climate change and restore biodiversity, quality of water and soil fertility. The organic sector has been fighting for that purposes for many years. I think for all pioneers in organic farming, processing and trading  this Farm to Fork strategy is a recognition of the contribution they bring to the tables and plates across Europe.’

At the moment, the organic agriculture in the EU has a share of 8 to 9% of the total agricultural surface. Extension to 25% in ten years requires an annual growth of 11%. In some countries, like Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden the level of 25% is in reach and larger countries like Germany, France, Italy and France are already at or above the level of 10%. But in many other countries the organic agriculture is quite behind. Stefan Hipp: ‘The aim of 25% organic in 2030 is the right ambition, but it will require means to establish it. The financial support for agriculture in the EU has to be adequately transformed for organic and sustainable agriculture and production. And the market for organic products has to be enlarged and stimulated in different directions at the same time. The plan to increase the share of organic products in  public communal restaurants and canteens is a good start. OPTA with its very experienced organic companies will contribute to establish the aims of the Farm to Fork strategy as much as possible.

Here you can find the published Farm to Fork Strategy of the EU Commission.

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