Organic Processing and Trade Association

OPTA Europe’s contribution to public consultation on investigations into contamination with non-authorised products or substances

Brussels, 30.08.2022

― Key messages ―

  • The high number and variety of residues of prohibited substances in organics, combined with the multiple sources/entries for many of these substances, raise the question as whether a case-by-case official investigation to determine the source is feasible. It will block goods, delay the supply chain and collapse the organic control & certification system for no gains in reliability.
  • We call the Commission and Member States to minimize the burden and cost for organic operators by further relying on the regular control and certification system for the determination of the organic integrity and the causes of contamination. We also call to streamline, clarify and expedite the investigation procedure.
  • The cause of the contamination is associated with a corrective measure. Thus, it is important to accommodate the cases where the cause cannot be found or the contamination is technically unavoidable and beyond the organic operator’s responsibility

Read the whole Position Paper here.

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