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Today is the first EU Organic Day – let’s celebrate!

This morning the European Parliament, Council, and Commission have signed the Joint Declaration of the first EU Organic Day. The idea of the annual Organic Day has been brought up in the Organic Action Plan that was published in spring 2021. Representatives of the three EU institutions and key stakeholders underlined the importance of the aim of 25% organic food and agriculture in 2030 to safeguard consumers’ health and nature’s biodiversity.

Stefan Hipp, President of OPTA Europe, welcomed this initiative: ‘The symbolic start of the first EU Organic Day shows the support of the Parliament, Council, and Commission, to give organic an extra boost in the coming decade. That support will pay a double dividend for both farmers and with regard to biodiversity, soil, water, health and climate. As organic sector we can and will contribute to the aims of the EU “Farm to Fork” strategy and the Organic Action Plan.’

Bavo van den Idsert, OPTA Europe Association manager, congratulates the organic movement. ‘The first Organic Day is a recognition of the whole organic sector and the organic consumers who take responsibility for the benefit of the whole society. The recent approved motion in the EU Parliament supports EU Vice-President Timmermans to introduce zero VAT on organic fruit and vegetables and adds on top of this higher taxes on unsustainable and unhealthy food. With these instruments, also recommended in the OPTA Organic Action Plan, the price gap between organic and conventional will be reduced. That is the best way to increase organic food and farming more rapidly.’

Link to: <OPTA Organic Action Plan>      


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