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Forget the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP); it’s the market that will drive organic forward!

The transition goals of the EU to become climate neutral in 2050 has faced some serious damage in the realm of food and agriculture. Where the transition of energy, transport and house-construction is heading fast forward in the right direction, the old lobby structure of the conventional farming institutions in EU can claim the victory.

Because the main part (70%) of the huge Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) budget of 350 billion Euro’s from 2021 till 2027 is maintained as a so-called flat hectare support rate for conventional agriculture, without any environmental or climate value in return.

The remaining 30% of the budget is combined with eco-services, but the requirements are very vague. No budget is reserved for the specific aim of the Farm to Fork strategy to reach 25% organic agriculture in 2030.

It seems the market and the consumer, in combination with some frontrunner nations who really choose for further conversion to organic food and agriculture, have to take the lead and work closely together with the Commission to realize the F2F goals of 25% organic agriculture in 2030.

OPTA EU has prepared an Action Plan with a number of actions to stimulate the demand to organic products. “The organic market is growing steadily in the past decades and has reached against all unfair distribution of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) money a substantial EU average over 7% of the consumption.

The organic farmland in the EU will reach an area of approximately 9% in 2020. It clearly shows what consumers want, because they are willing to pay more for an organic quality that safeguards our biodiversity, climate and health,” says Bavo van den Idsert, Association Manager of OPTA. “We fully support the Commission in their goal to restore biodiversity and improve food quality.

True cost pricing, zero VAT for organic food and good communication and promotion to consumers are the right instruments to break the chain of chemistry farming and the unhealthy food related to this type of artificial food and farming.”

On 2 December OPTA EU organizes a digital Farm to Fork event with key note speaker Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner of DG Agri and MEP’s Martin Hausling and Sarah Wiener, Scientist Urs Niggli and captains of organic sector. Register

The OPTA Farm to Fork Action Plan is published

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OPTA was founded in 2017 by a group of industry leaders in the organic processing and trade sector. OPTA works together with its members to share expertise, to encourage uniform interpretation of the organic legislation and to support EU policy making, with the aim of strengthening the organic sector.

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